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Admission Requirements

Applicants must certify the compliance of the following formal requirements:

Applicants must hold a Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering and/or a Professional Degree of Civil Engineer, or hold an equivalent degree in the Industrial Engineering area.

In any case, the Program Committee will review the academic training of the applicant. In order to accredit an equivalent formation related to de Industrial Engineering area, it is expected that the training considers:

  • Basic Sciences courses (Calculus, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, others) 22%.
  • Engineering Sciences courses 23%.
  • Disciplinary training courses 40%.
  • Vocational training courses (Personal and comprehensive development, Effective communication, others) 6%.
  • English courses (4 courses) 9%.

The applicant should possess knowledge in the following (discipline training) areas:

  • Manufacturing production and service processes and technologies.
  • Mathematical modeling for decision making.
  • Theory of organizations and business management.
  • Information technologies applied to management.
  • Production and operations systems.
  • Business economics.
  • Project evaluation and management.