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Curricular Structure

The Study Plan of the Program includes a total of 8 courses, five of them mandatory and three elective, corresponding to 90 SCT credits and 70 TEL credits  (Exempt N ° 4505 of August 8, 2018)  . Mandatory courses include Research Methodology, a course for each research area of the Program (Operations Management and Organization Management), Thesis Project (Thesis Seminar I) and the Thesis (Thesis Seminar II). Elective courses will be defined by the Master Program Committee (CPM in Spanish) each semester.

  • The minimum time of residence for students is 3 consecutive academic semesters, the maximum time is 6 semesters.
  • The time a student is on temporary withdrawal will not be considered in this requirement.
  • Only 2 temporary withdrawals are allowed.
  • Students must have on-site, daytime, consecutive semesters.

Each student will have a thesis advisor from one of the full-time professors of the program, who will define along with the student the optional courses that they will take, in concordance with their thesis project during their residence, based on the chosen area of the program: operation management and organization management.

Students will be able to request acknowledgment and validation of their academic activities performed in an equivalent or superior graduation program. The validation cannot exceed 20 ESCT-Chile of the total amount of credits of the study plan, and it does not consider bachelor or undergraduate courses. This validation will be resolved by the Master Program Committee (CPM).