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Frequent questions

In this frequently asked questions section you can find answers to your questions regarding the admission process, financing options, procedures and other related topics.

  • How much is the value of the Program? Are there scholarships?

The value of the program is determined by the University of Santiago de Chile. The program currently has internal and external scholarships. To see more details go here.

  • When does the application process for Master's programs begin?

Generally the program has admission in the first and second semester, to see the exact dates go here.

  • Can I apply for Master's programs if I am a graduate and do not yet have my academic degree or professional title?

Yes. The admission requirements require being in possession of a Bachelor's Degree (with Certificate of Graduation) or a professional title, granted by national or foreign universities, or by national or foreign higher education institutes whose level, content and duration of studies correspond to training equivalent to that of the Bachelor's Degree at the University of Santiago de Chile. If the documents are in process, but at the time of application they are not available, you can make a Simple Affidavit (DJS) committing to the delivery of said document. The DJS format can be found here.

  • What should I do and what documents should I present to apply?

To apply you must consider registering by clicking here. and sending the required documents to the program email For more details go here.

  • What does the Motivation Letter consist of?

The motivation letter is one of the requirements required to apply for Master's programs. In this, the applicant must briefly explain the reasons that motivate him or her to take the Master's degree in question, specifying the specific areas of interest.

  • Does the application have any associated costs?

No application costs are contemplated.Is the Master accredited?The Master of Engineering Sciences with a mention in Industrial Engineering is accredited for 5 years by the National Accreditation Commission CNA-Chile, from 05/06/2020 to 05/06/2025In the case of Master's degrees, should graduation be paid?Yes. The Master's programs contemplate a single payment for the graduation diploma, the amount of which is established by the University of Santiago de Chile. To see more details go here.For more information, contact the email