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WoS Core Collection and SCOPUS publications made recently by Graduates and Students of the Program based on their thesis work.

  • Dávila, S., Alfaro, M., Fuertes, G., Vargas, M., &  Camargo, M. Vehicle Routing Problem with Deadline and Stochastic Service Times: Case of the Ice Cream Industry in Santiago City of Chile. Mathematics 2021, 9 (21):2750. (2021) [WoS Core Collection]
  • Ávalos D., Cuadrado C., Dunstan J., Moraga-Correa J., Rojo-González LTroncoso N., Vásquez Ó.C. Mathematical Model for Estimating Nutritional Status of the Population with Poor Data Quality in Developing Countries: The Case of Chile. 10th International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems (ICORES): 408-415. (2021) [SCOPUS]
  • Ramírez, F., Palominos, P. I.., Camargo, M., & Grimaldi, D. A new methodology to support smartness at the district level of metropolitan areas in emerging economies: the case of Santiago de Chile. Sustainable Cities and Society, 67, 102713 (2021) [WoS Core Collection]

* The students and academics of the Program are highlighted with black and orange letters respectively.